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Adventures in AI Programming: Daily Experiments with GPT-4

A GPT-4 Program a Day Keeps the Bugs Away I’ve been exploring what GPT-4 and other AI tools are capable of over the past few months when it comes to software development. I’ve mostly been using ChatGPT+, Bing Chat – I had tried to use some of the other hyped up models for programming purposes, but nothing I’ve found lets me build software from scratch (while writing minimal code myself) as well, and so these days I mostly stick to those....

July 2, 2023 · 11 min · 2152 words · P.W.

Making Games With Bing Chat and GPT4

Oh Good, You’re Awake… Today, we’ll see if we can get Bing to make a game for us. We’ll try to write no code ourselves (though we’ll probably have do some cleaning up/troubleshooting). Bing isn’t very good at creating assets in my experience, so for those we’ll grab free stuff online. I’ve had some success with this in the past. I won’t say the games are good or even all the way functional, but I’ve still been massively impressed by Bing’s ability to deliver on what I ask for....

April 21, 2023 · P.W.

Bing GPT Hashtag Commands - #document, #optimize, & More

If you just want to skip straight to the hashtag commands, click here Using Bing GPT If you haven’t looked at Bing’s integration of GPT4 yet, you really should. It’s free and incredibly powerful. If you don’t want to use Microsoft Edge, which it tries to force you to, you can either change your User Agent or use the Github Repo BingGPT. The jump from GPT 3 and Chat GPT is immense, both objectively and subjectively....

April 17, 2023 · 8 min · 1570 words · P.W.

Taking Back Control: Finding Focus and Choice on the Internet in 2023

I’ve had enough. Over the last year, I have finally decided that all the attention manipulation, the never ending ‘signals’, and the 3500 interrupters that my phone and other devices create each day is too much to bear. I find I no longer casually or carefully read articles – let alone books! My days have become filled with a blend or oscillations between some variant of ‘doom scrolling’ on pop-news sites and trying to do 100 things at once while 1000 other things beg me to give them my attention for just a moment....

February 9, 2023 · 9 min · 1826 words · P.W.

How to Record Better IRacing Replays

We’ve all been there. You had an incredible race and want to share it. You record your incredible pass or save on a single cam, watch it, and imagine what it could be. You look at the keyboard shortcuts and envision yourself as a live-event-director, smashing buttons to switch cameras at the perfect time while the recording runs. Perhaps you even tried to record like this, and realized doing that well would require a time investment on par with your sim racing addiction....

December 20, 2022 · 4 min · 664 words · P.W.